Corporate Compliance

At York Bowman Law, LLC, we realize that small business owners are extremely busy managing the daily corporate operations. Lawsuits filed by employees can create havoc on a small business and one unfavorable jury verdict can result in bankruptcy. Therefore, it is important for owners and managers to retain legal counsel who understands the basic labor laws that apply to businesses. York Bowman Law, LLC can provide the legal counsel needed to ensure compliance.

General Counsel

York Bowman Law, LLC provides off-site affordable legal services to small businesses that do not find it cost effective to hire in-house general counsel. We provide legal counsel, as needed, on basic labor and employment matters, and we also help our clients to retain legal counsel in other areas of the law pertinent to their needs.

Corporate Documents

At York Bowman Law, LLC, we want small businesses to succeed! Therefore, we have developed a flat-rate fee structure so that small businesses can have access to updated legal documents such as employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, employee handbooks & workplace policies, and severance agreements.

Corporate Investigations

Since the post-Enron days, corporate investigations have become commonplace. At some point, most companies will need to conduct an employee investigation, and there are many reasons to retain outside counsel to conduct or assist with the investigation, such as the credibility associated with a truly independent investigator and attorney-client privilege.   At York Bowman Law, LLC, we understand the sensitive legal issues involved in handling investigations that could result in some form of litigation. Instead of simply gathering the facts, we gain an understanding of the facts and then conduct a legal analysis for our clients that can be used prospectively. We have the litigation experience and unique skill to conduct effective investigations.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Assistance

After receiving a charge of discrimination and/or retaliation from the EEOC, a company should respond promptly, thoroughly, and effectively. To do so requires retaining competent attorneys who are well versed in the EEOC process and who understand the steps necessary to position the company so that costly litigation can, hopefully, be avoided.

From Hiring to Termination

We work with clients daily to manage any issues that may develop during the employment lifecycle.  We assist employers with legal issues ranging from hiring to termination to avoid unnecessary litigation or other charges.