EEOC Assistance

Many individuals file claims with the EEOC without knowing the law. This creates a myriad of frivolous charges against Georgia businesses costing time and money to local employers, and employees can lose potential claims that are not appropriately raised at the EEOC level. Our goal is to resolve disputes between employers and employees as early as possible to save time and expense of all parties involved, and to create great working environments for employees by providing the following services:

  • Fact-Gathering Session: We spend hours to obtain all facts pertinent to each potential charge. During this process, we do not simply rely on verbal statements but require corroborating and direct evidence, if available.
  • Legal Review: After spending hours gathering the facts of each potential charge, we then apply those facts to the current law in a view most consistent with the 11th Circuit. Our legal review also considers the applicable statute of limitation, which most employees forget to consider;
  • Pre-Charge Resolution: If the potential charge is meritorious, then we contact the representative for the opposing party to try to resolve the dispute as early as possible. A potential EEOC charge could be resolved by a simple action by the employer such as a change in workplace environment.
  • EEOC Charge Assistance: In the event the dispute is not resolved, we assist employees with the filing of an EEOC Charge and provide legal counsel about claims that are/are not meritorious.