Small Business Owners General Counsel

This is how we assist our small business owners daily.

General Counsel

Small business owners face the same issues as larger companies and must comply with most of the same local, state, and federal laws. However, most small business owners either cannot afford to hire in-house counsel or simply do not need full- time in-house counsel due to the expected workload or number of corporate employees. To help with this issue, York Bowman Law offers  daily advice to small business owners as outside general counsel.


What does this mean?


It means we understand that small business owners often wear multiple hats trying to manage and understand the nuances of the law while simultaneously trying to focus on driving revenue. It also means that we can manage employment law matters and ensure the company is legally compliant with local, state, and federal employment laws.


Issues will arise such as employee reasonable accommodation requests, wage and hour issues, medical leave requests, and inappropriate work conduct. The attorneys at York Bowman Law have the expertise to manage these issues and more. We provide legal assistance  as outside  general counsel in the following areas:


  • Fair Credit Reporting Act 
  • Creating Policy Handbooks with training for Employees and Managers
  • Creating Job Descriptions 
  • Annual EEO Training for Employees and Managers 
  • Workplace Investigations 
  • Workplace Training 
  • Managing Reasonable Accommodation Requests
  • Family Medical Leave requests 
  • Fair Labor Standards Act violation (Wage and Hour Law) 
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Misclassification 
  • Preventing Retaliation  
  • Assisting with Disciplinary Issues 
  • Drafting Employee Agreements and managing disputes  
  • Drafting Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements and managing disputes
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, and representation before the DOL Auditors
  • EEO Charges, and representation before the EEO Investigators
  • Unemployment Claims, and representation before the DOL 
  • Mediation 
  • Severance Negotiations


Litigation and Trial

Despite the best efforts of small business owners, there are times when lawsuits or other legal claims are filed. The attorneys at York Bowman Law have the knowledge and experience to litigate and try lawsuits in state and federal court, and defend claims filed by government agencies. Although we spend considerable time working on transactional matters, conflict resolution, and pre-litigation strategies, we do not shy away from litigation or trial. We vigorously defend our clients on all meritorious claims.



We provide small business owners with straightforward messaging through our video series LegalEase ™ ( With  LegalEase ™ our small business owners can gain knowledge on a variety of legal topics so they can begin to identify potential legal issues as they arise in their workplaces.



We have a proven record of success. When the attorneys at York Bowman Law provide general counsel to small business owners, the business owners see growth in many areas of their businesses. 

Call the attorneys at York Bowman Law to assist with your employment law matters.