Workplace Investigations

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Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations have always been routine for employers, as they manage issues involving allegations of misconduct and policy violations. Workplace investigations usually involve allegations of harassment, discrimination, reverse discrimination, DEI inequities, systemic racism, retaliation, bullying, theft, and many other potential violations of company policies.


In recent years, there has been a spike in employee allegations of misconduct leading to the need for more workplace investigations. This spike is due to recent social and cultural issues that have come to the forefront involving #MeToo, #TimesUP, BLM, George Floyd, and even COVID. These social and cultural issues not only present new legal nuances but employee allegations have become more complex requiring more detailed legal analysis, which has made it challenging for employers to conduct their own internal workplace investigations.


Employers (small and large) often ask the attorneys at York Bowman Law to assist with these challenging workplace investigations. We take these requests seriously and conduct workplace investigations timely and thoroughly. We understand that poorly conducted investigations can cost a company financially, decrease employee morale, and damage a company’s reputation.


When we conduct workplace investigations, we ensure that employers understand the allegations against them and take steps to educate employers on ways to prevent similar allegations prospectively. Our work often includes addressing systemic issues, training relevant supervisors on their legal duties, and recommending updates to corporate policies and procedures, if needed. It is important for employers to understand if their employees are subjected to toxic workplace environments, inequities, and ineffective implementation of policies.


Our attorneys also realize the importance of making sure employees feel comfortable sharing information. We do not use harsh tactics that intimidate employees, including the complaining party. Our goal is to resolve the issue so that employers can avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.


For years, our attorneys have conducted workplace investigations in the private sector. Some of these workplace investigations have included claims of employee theft, supervisor sexual harassment, coworker sexual harassment, discrimination, corporate negligence, retaliation, wage and hour violations, independent contractor misclassification, and safety policy violations. We have also conducted EEO investigations for numerous governmental agencies, as certified EEO investigators, which have included claims of discrimination and harassment. Our attorneys have the extensive background and experience to conduct employee interviews, review internal procedures, conduct comprehensive legal analysis, assess how a judge or jury will evaluate issues, and provide a focused corrective action plan tailored to address the internal matters before they lead to legal exposure.


If necessary, we can also litigate and try any claims resulting from the employee allegations due to our litigation and trial experience.


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