PAID: DOL’s New Payroll Audit Program

Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) Program

 Last month, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (“WHD”) launched the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (“PAID”) program. This six-month pilot program was designed to resolve FLSA overtime and minimum wage violations “expeditiously and without litigation.” Under this program, FLSA-covered employers are given the opportunity to voluntarily self-report, and ultimately correct, any potential overtime or minimum wage violations. The beauty of this program is that employers won’t face the burden of paying liquidated damages or monetary civil penalties and employees receive 100% of back wages owed without the costs, expenses, and burdens of litigation. Note: Employers cannot use PAID for pending litigation. 

To participate in the PAID program, an employer must be:

  • Covered by the FLSA;
  • Interested in proactively resolving minimum wage and/or overtime claims under the FLSA; and
  • Willing to commit to future compliance under the FLSA.


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