Don’t Forget About Voting Leave

Georgia (and many other states) afford employees time off work to vote under certain circumstances. In Georgia, an employee who is eligible to vote in any federal, state, county, or municipal primary or election and who is registered to vote on the day on which the election is held, may request up to two hours of unpaid leave to vote. However, an employee whose workday begins at least two hours after the opening of the polls or ends at least two hours prior to the closing of the polls is not eligible for voting leave. See. O.C.G.A. 21-2-404, Affording employees time off to vote. 

Action by Employees: Employees must provide reasonable notice to employers advising they will need time off work to vote.

Action by  Employers: Employers can implement policies indicating the specific amount of “reasonable notice” required by employees to help manage productivity. Employers can also specify the hours during which the employees may leave work to vote.

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