Managing vs. Bullying

Hello, and welcome to Training with Legal Ease. Today, I’d like to talk about managing versus bullying.

There is a clash between managers who use the “old-school” way of managing and those who use an approach that’s more acceptable today. When I talk about the old-school style of managing, I’m talking about managers who are all about productivity, productivity, productivity. Get to work! Do your work! Don’t talk! Why do you need a break? Don’t leave a minute early! 

The problem is that today’s workforce is more empowered to speak up.  They are more empowered to speak up when they feel like that old-school style is really bullying or harassment, especially if it’s done to a specific group.

Employers like the productivity that comes out of an old-school style of managing. From the employer’s perspective, employees are at work, they’re on time, they’re doing their jobs. But employees aren’t so happy and don’t feel like they can give positive feedback. Employees feel like the managers are bullying them, and that’s when the employer is exposed to liability.

How does an employer strike the balance between firm leadership and a workforce that is empowered so they can speak up and give feedback? The answer is training! Training!  Employers train your employees and train your managers separate from your regular employees. Train, train, train your staff!

Managers need to understand the importance of motivating employees without it feeling as though they are harassing or bullying employees. They need to understand it’s okay for the workforce to give positive feedback. Managers must understand how to have an environment that is inclusive and one where everyone wants to come to work for the company – that’s when employers will have a better workforce, long term employees, and not so many people who are coming and going.

Employers, your managers must get this. They must get it because if they don’t, they expose the company to liability. It is important to understand that employees are speaking up today. They can, they do, and they will!

If you need training of your staff, please give us a call. We perform employee and supervisory training on all the relevant laws, and we explain to your managers why it’s important to not bully or harass employees.

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