Managing Employee Holiday Schedules

Hello, and welcome to LegalEase. Today’s topic is about managing holiday work schedule. It’s the holiday season, employees are happy, business is booming, and as an employer, you are having a difficulty managing the balance  of maintaining employee morale and your goal of continuing to make money. I have four tips for you to help you manage the holiday work schedule.

Tip number one: Set a deadline for early vacation requests. The sooner you know about vacation requests, the earlier you can start to plan.

Tip number two: Ask for volunteers. You would be surprised by the number of people who actually enjoy working during the holidays. Some people feel like it’s more relaxing and they can continue to earn money. Some people don’t have family nearby or don’t plan to go see family, so they work during the holidays. Just ask. Ask for volunteers.

Tip  number three: Offer a cash incentive or any other incentive. You can do things like pay for lunch, offer a discretionary cash bonus, or you can increase the pay of your employees. Incentives work, trust me.

And my final and fourth tip: Offer a flexible work schedule. I mean, think about it. Usually, not only are your employees requesting time off, but your clients are typically out of the office during the same time. Why not allow for a flexible work schedule? Allow employees to work remotely,  or allow employees to  come in later or leave earlier.

These are ways to encourage employees during the holiday season, and again, to strike the balance for you as the employer to have happy employees while also making revenue.

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