President Biden’s Executive Order on AI

Hello, and welcome to LegalEase. Today’s topic is about the recent Executive Order signed by President Biden regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s talk about it.

Okay, as we all know, President Biden just signed the Executive Order, and the Order basically directs federal agencies to take action to meet his key objectives.

Let me back up and talk about an Executive Order. What is an executive order? An Executive Order is actually a signed document by the President that the President uses to manage the federal government. It’s a document that cannot be overturned by Congress, and the issues addressed in the Executive Order don’t need Congress to approve them.  So,  the President can take the action in the Order, and Congress can’t overturn it, and doesn’t need to approve it, okay?

Back to the AI Executive Order. So, the President issued the Executive Order to ask federal agencies to take certain steps, and he basically wants the agencies to implement programs and plans to meet his key objectives. Let’s talk, generally, about the key objectives and we can come back another time to talk about what the  agencies are expected to do to meet those objectives. I’ll also put a link to the Executive Order in my comment section.

Key objectives: protect privacy, advance civil rights, and  protect workers in the workplace. As we know, the EEOC recently filed its first AI lawsuit because workers are not being protected by the use of AI in the workplace.  So, President Biden wants to put some parameters around the use of AI in the workplace. In addition, he has some immigration policy changes, he wants to promote  innovation and competition, and he wants to promote the responsible use of AI.

For now, we know there are key objectives for federal agencies to meet in order to help protect us from the use of AI because it’s running rampant right now.

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