The Do Not Call List

Hello and welcome to LegalEase. Today’s topic is about Telemarketers and the Do Not Call List.

Have you asked a Telemarketer to put your name on the Do Not Call List? If so, did it work? Did anything happen? Nothing will happen until you make a claim. The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, requires consumers to file claims on the FTC website here:

You should make a claim with the FTC when you have lost money because of a scan, you want to report a suspicious scam, or you are unhappy about a company’s business practices. After you file your claim, it will be recorded on and sent to numerous federal law enforcement agencies for investigation.

Of course, consumers want to know if they will receive refunds for the money lost because of a scam. The good news is that the FTC has recovered money on behalf of many consumers, and the list of cases is posted on the FTC website here:  However, due to the number of consumers who have been defrauded, the FTC advises consumers to take steps to recover their own money. Review the steps in the Legal Updates section of our website here:.

If you have any questions about making a report to the FTC, please give us a call. We will be happy to help you. Thank you for joining LegalEase.