What We Do at York Bowman Law, LLC

Hello and welcome to LegalEase. Today I want to take time to talk to you about the great work we do at York Bowman. York Bowman Law is an employment law boutique, and we have two primary components to our practice. Yes, we do other work, but we have two main components to our practice that we really address on a day-to-day basis.

The first part of our practice involves companies.  We help companies remain compliant with state and federal employment laws. Now, this can include a wide array of matters. It can involve workplace investigations, drafting employee contracts, drafting independent contractor agreements, EEO training, management training, and helping employers address immediate employee needs on a weekly basis. We basically act as outside counsel for small to mid-sized businesses. These businesses may not be able to afford to hire full time attorneys, and they don’t usually have many legal issues that require them to hire full time attorneys.

The next component of our practice involves executives. We help executives negotiate into and out of their employment positions. Negotiating into a new position means reviewing the employment agreement, making sure the new job does not violate an old contract, and making sure that the entire employee package is sound and legal. Negotiating out of a position involves reviewing the severance package and making sure that, number one, the severance is legal, i.e., the employer didn’t decide to fire all women over age 60. It also includes making sure that the severance contract complies with the law and doesn’t have any type of provisions that are invalid, and making sure that the executive is overall comfortable with the severance agreement.

In summation, we have two main components to our practice; we help companies comply with state and federal laws, and we help executives when they’re negotiating into and out of their positions.

if you have a company and you need help with compliance, please give us a call. If you are an executive and you need help negotiating into or out of an employment position, please give us a call.

Our link is always in the bio, and we are so happy to help you. Thank you for joining LegalEase.